Soft ice cream machine Carpigiani EVD 1 Steel with mixer

Soft ice cream machine Carpigiani EVD 1 Steel with mixer

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Carpigiani EVD soft ice cream machine with the convenience of self-pasteurization, this machine model allows cleaning only every about 4 weeks. Integrated tub agitators in combination with swell pumps ensure a maximum creamy end product with an air impact of up to 80% and thus realizes dream returns in combination with our MUU soft ice cream from Denmark.

Furthermore, this machine is equipped with blender mixer function, which allows processing of, for example, nuts, fruits and toppings. The EVD is equipped with a dispensing lever to produce the ice cream cones of one variety Preferably vanilla with the characteristic sinuous shape.


  • Top model with unique design and ergonomics
  • Modern touchscreen display for convenient, intuitive operation
  • Perfect ergonomics and easy cleaning thanks to height-adjustable machine head
  • Consistency individually adjustable per cylinder, thus suitable for all soft ice cream mixes (also for frozen yogurt)
  • Self closing tapping levers (Self closing)
  • Tub agitators
  • Self-pasteurization (P/SP) Cleaning
  • Blender mixer function

Technical data:

Production in 1 hour in kg: 40
Production in 1 hour in 75g portions: 530
Capacity tubs in liters: 13 + 13
Flavors: 1
Electrical supply: 3 kW – 400 V
Dimensions in mm approx WxDxH: 500x834x1770
Net weight in kg: 245

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