Frisani ice cream technology

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Frisani Speiseeistechnik GmbH is a northern German family-run trading company that operates nationwide and globally.

Frisani is one of the largest trading companies in Europe in the segment of used and reconditioned ice cream equipment of the brands Carpigiani, Frigomat, Telme and Gel-Matic.

As an importer of Ital-Proget and IFI, the brands from Italy with market leading products in the segment of high quality handmade ice cream display cases, we have expanded our portfolio.

In the raw materials sector, the successful MUU brand, the soft ice cream original from Denmark, is produced by Frisani.

Frisani Deutschland

Silberstedt – Germany
Headquarters – Administration

Langacker industrial park
Langacker 8
24887 Silberstedt

Phone: +49 (0)4626-187950-0
Fax: +49 (0)4626-187950-2

Copenhagen – Denmark
Business Location Service Point

Osterbrogade 226 st.Tv
DK- 2100 Hovedstaden –

Phone : +45 – 89882891
Fax : +45 – 47829228

Geneva – Switzerland
Business Location Service Point

10 rue du Prince
CH- 1204 Geneva –

Fon: +41 – 225189307
Fax: +41 – 71822882

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The whole world of ice culture

The latest trends and ideas around the business of artisan ice cream can be found in Italy – and at GELATISSIMO in Stuttgart. In the middle of Europe’s second most important market for ice cream, it has established itself as the only real trade fair for ice cream professionals north of the Alps.

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