Press release

R22 refrigerant ban

Many older machines are still operated with the proven refrigerant R22, which has been sold for many years.
As early as January 2015, the use of all HCFC refrigerants – including the widely used refrigerant R22 – will be banned under a new EC regulation.

What are the consequences of buying a machine with R22 in the cooling system?
During the time when the machine is used by you without intervening in the refrigeration system, there will be no problems and you can use the machine initially without any difficulties.

However, as soon as it is necessary to intervene in the refrigeration system in the event of a technical failure, it is prohibited to carry out the repair and supply the system with prohibited HCFC substances.

Check carefully your purchase of a used ice cream machine and make sure that no prohibited substances such as R22 or R502 have been sold here. A technical retrofit is possible, but you as the customer are left with the short end of the stick, as the costs incurred are often out of all proportion to the purchase price of the machine.

Frisani with new Carpigiani EVD soft ice cream machine on sale

The new soft ice cream machine series Carpigiani EVD distributed by Frisani, sets unrestricted standards for continuous efficiency, realizing silent operation with reduced energy costs for the operator. According to Frisani, the importance of the flexibility of the EVD series, can be seen in the overall increase in demand for high-quality soft ice cream machines that adapt to the requirements of application situations.

During the development of the EVD series, the modern design of the machine, and the user-friendliness also played a decisive role. For example, numerous technical information such as status and settings of the machine can be checked and controlled on the touch-screen display. The advantages of the new EVD from Carpigiani are obvious.

Each production side is controlled separately, making it suitable for different types of mixes. Patented Carpigiani gear pumps for maximum volume impact up to 80% ensure maximum return on investment. Electronic consistency control, easy handling, electronic level control and completely new innovative design. Electronic and clear touch panel.

Height-adjustable output unit for easy filling, cleaning and operation of the machine. Optionally available: newly developed refrigeration circuit / warm air is discharged upwards, thus no more space is required at the sides. Extremely quiet operating noise (55dB).

Frisani presents new Carpigiani ice cream machine RTL in Copenhagen

Frisani Eistechnik took center stage at the TAK trade fair in Roskilde / Copenhagen with the product presentation of the new Carpigiani RTL ice cream machine series by the North German company. Without exception, trade fair participants were enthusiastic about the innovative machine concept of the new RTL ice cream machine generation from Carpigiani. It was clear to the visitors that the design focused on maximum flexibility for the user. The pleasing result for users is freedom that ice cream confectioners could previously only dream of: Full flexibility in the choice of processing method and, as a result, drier and firmer ice cream compared to previous machine series. In particular, the increased motor power despite an overall water and electricity saving of up to 30% was convincing. Frisani introduced the Carpigiani RTL model series 10/30 , 15/45 , 20/60 and 30/100 with narrower housing compared to the RTX generation. The fill volumes per freezing phase range from 2.5 to 10 liters, depending on the model.

During the development of the machine series, great importance was attached to compliance with worldwide hygiene standards. Such as the equipment with the new Teorema system with the storage of all production data, which the service technician can read out directly from the machine via an Internet connection or alternatively by means of data retrieval with special software.

How well all this really works, the visitors could experience by demonstration of Frisani – ice technique “LIVE”, where specified mixtures were made under production conditions. Visitors were also presented with numerous new products in the Gelato Exellent, Gelato Speed, Gelato Hard, Gelato Simply and Fruit Cream ranges. During further production demonstrations, interested parties were able to see for themselves how the new operator technology can significantly reduce process cycle times and thus increase productivity.