Soft ice cream machine Carpigiani AES 503 with self-pasteurization

Soft ice cream machine Carpigiani AES 503 with self-pasteurization

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Soft ice cream machine Carpigiani AES 503 PSP (self-pasteurizing). Carpigiani AES 503 with the most advanced electronic system at the service of hygiene and the best ice quality. With the ergonomically placed control buttons of the Carpigiani AES soft ice cream machine, it is possible to select and control all the functions of the machine such as:

Automatic self pasteurization process

By simply pressing the appropriate button by the operator at the end of the work shift, the pasteurization process is initiated, i.e. the residual mix and all machine parts that come into contact with this mix are heated to 65°C and cooled down again after 30 minutes.This results in a perfect hygienic condition.

Automatic cleaning process

Here, too, a keystroke is sufficient to activate the cleaning process. The machine is then automatically filled with heated water that dissolves grease and other residues, making subsequent manual cleaning much easier.

Dry filling system

The soft ice cream machine can be filled with ice powder, which is then transformed into liquid ice cream mix by adding water in the storage tub. This means time savings and the highest level of hygiene. The amount of water can be programmed electronically. The inflow quantity is shown on the display. Electronic control of ice consistency. The Hard-0-Tronic control system optimizes the production process by means of constant self-diagnosis, guaranteeing perfect ice cream every time. Furthermore, by pressing the “Program” key, it is possible to change the ice consistency to adapt the machine to the mix used. A counter provides information about the number of ice cream portions tapped.

The Carpigiani AES 503 soft ice cream machine, thanks to the convincing CARPIGIANI technology, has all the plus points that have made the worldwide success of the CARPIGIANI soft ice cream machines:

  • Gear pump with regulating tube for volume increase.
  • Insulating front closure with piston for a complete ejection of the product.
  • E 2 agitators for maximum volume increase
  • Patented swell pumps for maximum return and air surcharge up to 80%.
  • Independent cooling of freezing cylinder and mixing tray.
  • Removable hygienic protection device (dust protection) for the dispensing tap.
  • Mix Stand Indicator for Minimal Mix Stand
  • Thermometer for displaying the mix temperature

Technical data approx.

Hourly output in liters: approx. 69
Hourly output in portions: approx. 740
Bathtub basin: approx. 2 x 17 liters
Connection: approx. 380 Volt / 4,5 KW
Weight: approx. 320 kg
Dimensions: approx. 560 x 870 x 1565

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