BOVO Pasteurization and homogenization plant 200

BOVO Pasteurization and homogenization plant 200


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It is a device designed for medium and large laboratories for the production of artisan ice cream.

Preparation of the mixture

The ingredients, such as fresh or powdered milk, water, vegetable or animal fats, sugar, stabilizers and emulsifiers, are poured into the two vats, where they are pasteurized at a temperature of 85°. To evenly distribute all the powders in the milk, use the mixer placed at the top of the stove.


After reaching the set heating temperature, the mixture is fed to the homogenizer by means of a centrifugal pump. Thanks to the high pressure of 200 bar, it crushes and reduces the molecules of the various ingredients to obtain an optimized ice structure.


The mixture goes directly to the pre-cooling section of the heat exchanger, where it is brought to a temperature of 34°C by mains or tower water. It is then transferred to the ripening vats, where it remains for about 6 hours before it can be used for the production of ice cream.The time needed to complete the pasteurization cycle is about two hours. However, since the plant is equipped with two pasteurizers, it is possible to produce every hour a quantity of ice cream mixture equal to the capacity of one of the two stoves; while the first stove is being filled and brought to temperature, the second stove has already reached pasteurization temperature and is being emptied, causing a continuous working cycle.

Production per cycle 200 l
Cooling Water
Cooling gas R 452A
Electrical connection 400 V/50 Hz/3
Nominal power 21 kW
Dimensions LxWxH 860x1200x1250 mm


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