Icetech soft ice cream machine Euro 3P Autopastorizzante Made in Italy


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via the new system AUTO-PASTEURIZE, pressing the button of the heater, the mixture contained in the upper container and which is in contact with all the components inside, heated to the pasteurization temperature of +65°C and then automatically cooled to the storage temperature of +4°C. This process allows getting the bacterial load to ensure maximum hygiene and increases the duration of use of the product stored inside.

The machine Soft AUTO-PASTEURISING is also equipped with agitators mounted inside the containers for maintaining an always perfect mixing of the product deposited inside.

The plus points of the soft ice cream machines EURO AUTO-PASTEURIZING by ICETECH are:

  • Automatic system pasteurization of the mixture.
  • Electronic control of ice consistency.
  • Electronic control of the storage temperature.
  • Large storage tubs (18 l).
  • Display of the basic level in the tubs.
  • Gear pump with high overrun.
  • Innovative mixing system consisting of mixer and counter mixer, both made of stainless steel and interchangeable lamella blades.
  • Version with hot air for high yield.
  • High cooling capacity for high ice production.
  • Ergonomic design.
Hourly production (75g serving) 590
Capacity upper tray 18+18 l
Electrical properties 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Ph
Compaction Water (surcharge) / Air
Pump Yes
Size 535 x 680 x 1435 mm
Weight 210 kg