Icetech soft ice cream machine Super Max Made in Italy

Icetech soft ice cream machine Super Max Made in Italy


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SUPER MAX is the most powerful unit in the SOFT ICETECH series.

It is suitable for the production of large quantities of soft ice cream, which is why SUPER MAX is equipped with a double cooling circuit with 2 independent compressors with their own cylinders.

Unlike conventional models, SUPER MAX is supported by 2 independent modern circuit cards that control the consistency of the ice at all times and show consistency and storage temperature on a display for the operator.

The two cards can be used to set different consistency values for the two storage trays.

In the lower area, SUPER MAX is equipped with a two-door stainless steel cabinet, in which directly used material can be stored.

SUPER MAX can be equipped with grain cylinders, topping bowls with pump, and croissant holders on request.

The main innovative technical features are:

  • Double cooling circuit with 2 independent compressors.
  • Two independent circuit cards.
  • Enlarged cylinders with high capacity.
  • Electronic control of ice consistency.
  • Electronic control of the storage temperature.
  • Two very large storage trays (18 L each).
  • Display of the product level in the trays.
  • Gear pumps with high overrun.
  • Innovative mixing system consisting of mixer and counter mixer, both made of stainless steel and interchangeable lamella blades.
  • Air cooling with separate high-performance condensers and double fan. Water cooling on request.
  • High cooling capacity for high ice production.
  • Ergonomic design with attractive graphics.
Hourly production (75g serving) 1.120
Capacity upper tray 18+18 l
Electrical properties 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Ph
Compaction Water (surcharge) / Air
Pump Yes
Current consumption 4.9 kW
Cooling gas R 404A
Size 633 x 922 x 1506 mm
Weight 260 kg

The following applies to all used machines offered by us:

  • Overhauled with replacement of defective components with original spare parts
  • Technical parts dismantled, cleaned inside and out
  • Replacement of defective wearing parts and installation of original spare parts in our workshop area
  • Updating the refrigeration system in accordance with EC Regulation 1005/2009 for banned refrigerants such as R-502 and R22
  • Satin finishing and reconditioning of stainless steel surfaces with CNC ceramic grinding technology
  • Multiple test runs with workshop logging by the respective skilled worker
  • Supplied with cooking magnifier and operating instructions from the respective manufacturer

Assembly and installation possible on request.


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