Icetech Ice Cream Machine TP 3 Cream Plus Made in Italy


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The CREAM PLUS machine is produced in four versions 3-4-5-7 and is a real jewel for ice cream parlors and confectioneries because it is made with the most modern mechanical, electrical and cooling components.

In the upper tray, the unit heats and cools with the “water bath” system with glycol, which prevents the formation of deposits and allows to prepare ice cream mixes, delicious pastry creams (by pulse mixing), tasty jams and inverted sugar, as well as soften chocolate.

In the stirring chamber, the device works like a normal ICETECH series stirrer with the latest technology to produce amazingly dry and high quality ice with appropriate consistency in optimal yield and quality.

The upper tank operates absolutely independently of the stirring chamber in the lower section; the product can not only be heated, but also cooled and maintained at a temperature above zero degrees set by the user. Through the practical withdrawal tap can:

  • The ice cream mixture can be quickly and easily put directly into the mixer.
  • Confectionery cream (and other recipes) can be conveniently placed in a tub without going through the mixing chamber.
  • Cleaning and sterilization of the device can be performed quickly and perfectly in accordance with the strictest hygiene regulations.

After the user has added the mixture to the mixing chamber via the stove tap, the mixing, which is automatically controlled by a microprocessor, is initiated. As with our new MT 3/4/5/7 mixers, the electronic control also has a “WATER ICE” function.

Hourly production 10/30 kg
Capacity upper tray min. 2 l
max. 14 l
Capacity lower tray min. 2 l
max. 4 l
Current consumption 9.3 kW
Electrical properties 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Ph
Compaction Water
Cooling gas R 404 A
Size 535 x 715 x 1400 mm
Weight 260 kg