Icetech Frozen Yogurt Baby 1G Made in Italy


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The latest models from ICETECH are the ultra-modern FROZEN YOGURT MACHINES.

Manufactured in different versions, they differ in table machines with 1or 3 flavors, with or without pumps, and floor machines with 3 flavors, with or without pumps.

ICETECH frozen yogurt machines are controlled by a modern circuit board that constantly controls the ice cream consistency through a user-readable display that shows consistency and storage temperature.

ICETECH frozen yogurt machines are made with the intention of producing a really soft ice cream with an optimal consistency, leaving the user free to program the desired consistency.

The plus points of ICETECH frozen yogurt machines are:

  • Electronic control of ice consistency.
  • Electronic control of the storage temperature.
  • Large storage tubs (18 l).
  • Display of the basic level in the tubs.
  • Supply of the production cylinders with seepage valves.
  • Innovative mixing system consisting of mixer and counter mixer, both made of stainless steel and interchangeable lamella blades.
  • Version with hot air for high yield.
  • Version with hot air for high yield high cooling capacity for high ice production.
  • Ergonomic design.
Hourly production (75g serving) 430
Capacity upper tray 18 l
Electrical properties 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Ph
Compaction Water (surcharge) / Air
Pump No
Size 463 x 723 x 875 mm
Weight 98 kg