Staff Smartmix combination ice cream maker cream stove RHB 15/40

Staff Smartmix combination ice cream maker cream stove RHB 15/40


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Multifunctional combination device in multifunction ice cream maker, stove and cream stove with inverter technology for demanding ice cream parlors and pastry shops.

The Density Control System allows the operator to have all the multifunctional features.

SMARTMIX is a combined multifunctional device consisting of 2 separate, independent cyilnder units. Each cylinder has a compressor and an inverter (DC-AC converter).

The upper cylinder can be used as a hot water kettle, pasteurizer, ripening vat and pasteurizer stove or to prepare choux pastry, jellies, jams, marmalades, panna cotta, mousse, marshmallows, cake frosting, cream cheese, bechamel sauce, risotto, porridge, sauces or ragout, perfect for preparing dough!

The lower cylinder is a horizontally mounted freezing unit with an “AD HOC” setting for proper ice cream consistency. The algorithm used allows the agitator torque to be set precisely in Newtons per meter, producing creamy, dry and compact ice cream masses. In addition, the gas supply can be adjusted once the preset consistency has been reached.

The operator can decide, for example: to pasteurize and ripen the mixture in the upper cylinder before transferring it to the freezing unit below or to heat the mixture in the upper tank to transfer it to the freezing unit below (shock freezing). Both cylinders can be operated simultaneously.

While pasteurizing or heating takes place in the upper cylinder, ice creams or sorbets can be produced in the lower tank. The transfer from the upper to the lower tank is done by means of an external filling channel. Thus, the upper tank can be filled with the required amount of mixture, and then each mixture can be preserved individually in the lower tank (ice cream production by shock freezing). Alternatively, the upper tank can be filled with mix for pasteurization or ripening (to make ice cream in the traditional way).

Due to the externally mounted outlet, the mixture in the upper cylinder can be removed without forcing it to pass through the lower freezing cylinder.

Technical data approx:

External dimensions WxDxH (mm): 600x836x1650
Hourly output: 20 liters
Max filling quantity: 2-5 liters
Cycle duration: 10-15 min
Voltage: 400V / 50Hz
Weight: approx. 320 kg
Cooling: Water cooling or air cooling available


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