Taylor soft ice cream and frozen yogurt machine C706

Taylor soft ice cream and frozen yogurt machine C706


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The Taylor 706 C features top-of-the-line microprocessor technology and is capable of quickly providing the operator with the highest possible production quantities of soft serve ice cream or single flavor frozen yogurt. The design characteristic of the Taylor is the high-quality stainless steel processing in combination with selected technical elements.

The Taylor C 706 is excellent for the production of soft ice cream and also frozen yogurt in large output quantities. Due to the cooling cylinder measuring over 3 liters, this Taylor soft ice cream machine is especially suitable for selling frozen yogurt and large quantities of soft ice cream.Taylor soft ice cream machine C 706 is one of the leading soft ice cream machines in the world market. Taylor has set the standard for high quality soft serve ice cream machines with the C 706 model for frozen yogurt production. Due to the equally simple and outstandingly massive mixer swell pump in this Taylor soft ice cream machine, this model produces a decidedly creamy ice cream of the finest and best texture with a high air impact.

Technical data approx.

Hourly output 380 port the hour
Width (cm) 46,4
Gross weight (kg) 167.40
Height (cm) 86,4
Power (kW) 4
4Voltage (V) 400 50Hz
Depth (cm) 82
Volume (l) 18,9

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