Soft ice cream machine Carpigiani AES 381 PSP

Soft ice cream machine Carpigiani AES 381 PSP


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In the upper part of the machine there is the preservation container for the ice cream mix. In the central part there is a horizontal cylinder from which – the dispensing tap – doses the ice cream portions. When the lever is lowered, a classic soft ice cream with a flavor produced with the mix contained in the tub emerges from the corresponding output tap.

The AES 381 AES PSP comes complete with the convenience of automatic pasteurization, again with the press of a button, day after day is ensured the certainty of a safe and healthy product. When pasteurizing the mix, as well as all parts that come into contact with it during production, the product is kept in perfect hygiene. To make things easier, the AES 381/p/SP can also have the preservation tray filled directly with powdered mix. The amount of added water can be controlled by pressing the correct button on the electronic display.

Of course, the Carpigiani series is equipped with swell pump, which preferably with e.g. our soft ice cream ready mix MUU from Denmark due to the high fat content and the specified ingredients for approx. 80% air impact provides and thus the consumer not only a creamy end product but also the operator dreamlike yields presents.

Hourly output Liter 61
Port. to approx. 130m³ 470
Tub capacity 18×1 liter
Flavors 1
Electr. Supply 380V / 2,2 kW
Dimensions in mm W*D*H 430*850*1565

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