Soft ice cream machine Carpigiani 253 Bar/P Twin

Soft ice cream machine Carpigiani 253 Bar/P Twin

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Soft ice cream machine Carpigiani 253 Bar/P Twin .This tabletop unit Two in One with two independent cooling circuits produces you about 320 servings per hour.

Carpigiani soft ice cream machines are famous the excellent soft ice cream they produce – always fresh, soft and creamy. These new counter machines counter with a dispensing neck are characterized by the greater production capacity, the extremely easy operation, the maximum simplicity in maintenance and for the excellent price/performance ratio. They are more compact, with a shelf depth of only 50 cm, to ensure easy parking as well.

The constructive characteristics

In the upper part of the machine there are the cooled separately controllable preservation vats that keep the mix at +4°C, constantly controlled by a thermometer. The mix feeds the production cylinders through gear pumps (patented) that mix the mix with the air, facilitating the achievement of a greater volume impact (overrun up to 80%).

The special self-regulating agitator of each cylinder guarantees a perfect production , constantly controlled by the HARD-O-TRONIC. The HOT is an electronic system that allows the operator to choose the consistency/creaminess suitable for his ice cream.

The production cycle

The dispensing tap is used to dispense a portion of soft ice cream. At the same time, an equal amount of mix passes from the upper cooled vat to the production cylinder to be immediately “frozen”. In this way, in a simple, hygienic and quick way, one by one, many soft and always “fresh” portions of soft ice cream are produced.

Which mix can be used?

You can use all the mixes;those realized with fresh, accurately pasteurized products; or with the convenient semi-processed ones of quick and easy preparation; or you can use ready-made liquid mixes like our Danish MUU soft ice cream, available in practical, hygienically sealed packs.

Technical data ca

Production the hour about 320 port
3.6 kW
Connection : 400/50/1
Dimensions : 450 x 730 x 730 mm

Für alle von uns angebotenen Gebrauchtmaschinen gilt:

  • Überholt mit Austausch schadhafter Komponenten gegen Originalersatzteile
  • Technische Teile demontiert, innen und außen gereinigt
  • Austausch von schadhaften Verschleißteilen und Montage von originalen Ersatzteilen in unserem Werkstattbereich
  • Aktualisierung laut EG Verordnung 1005/2009 der Kälteanlage bei verbotenen Kältemitteln wie z.B R-502 und R22
  • Satinierung und Aufarbeitung der Edelstahlflächen mit CNC Keramikschleiftechnik
  • Mehrfache Probeläufe unter Werkstattprotokollierung des jeweiligen Facharbeiters
  • Auslieferung erfolgt mit Garbilupe und Betriebsanleitung des jeweiligen Herstellers

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