Soft ice cream machine Carpigiani 191 Bar P AV

Soft ice cream machine Carpigiani 191 Bar P AV


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Powerful soft ice cream and frozen yogurt machine with 230 volt connection ready to plug from Carpigiani model 191 Bar P AV . Ideally suited for high traffic locations, such as discos, concert events or amusement parks.

The mix is forced into the cylinder by the high pressure swell pump with the addition of air, resulting in a creamy, high volume ice cream with a lift up to 80%.

To support a creamy end product, the machine is equipped with a tub agitator.

The container lid is made of impact-resistant plastic to prevent temperature loss.

The agitator perfectly mills the ice from the cylinder conversion and ensures any processing of different basic mixtures.

Technical data ca

Port the hour 270
Height 52 cm Width 76 cm Depth 71 cm
Weight 104 kg
Filling capacity 12 L
Voltage 230 V / 50hz
2,1 kW

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