Soft ice cream and frozen yogurt machine Carpigiani Rainbow 3

Soft ice cream and frozen yogurt machine Carpigiani Rainbow 3

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Carpigiani Rainbow 3 soft ice cream machine in overall mint condition. This machine, despite several years since production, was used only for demonstration purposes. Within the overhaul no work was necessary from us except the renewal of the wear parts.

The original VERZIERTE soft ice cream of Carpigiani Rainbow 3 has immediately met with immediate approval, even among the usual consumers of traditional ice cream, which is offered in the two classic flavors plus the mixed. This soft ice cream is becoming increasingly popular when offered with a range of different flavors. The Rainbow 3 is a technically developed stand-alone soft ice cream machine that Carpigiani has realized to produce both the ice cream with one and two flavors with usual success, as well as the funny decorated ice cream preferred by the youth. In the upper part of the machine there are two preservation containers for the mix; in the central part there are the two horizontal cylinders from which – through the dispensing group – the ice cream portions are dispensed. The group is equipped with three levers that control three dispensing taps with a star-shaped dispensing opening to realize the ice cream cones with the characteristic sinuous shape. When the left lever is lowered, a classic soft ice cream with a flavor produced with the mix contained in the upper left tub (e.g., chocolate) emerges from the corresponding dispensing tap. Lowering the right lever will make a different flavor ice cream with the mix contained in the right tub (for example, vanilla). However, if you lower the middle lever, a nice ice cream cone with two flavors is prepared (for example, chocolate and vanilla). If you want to produce a beautiful decorated ice cream (e.g. strawberry), just press the corresponding button on the control panel and lower the right lever – the produced ice cream will be instantly decorated with one of the three colored fruit or cream flavored concentrates located in the three containers housed in the lower part of the machine. Thus, it is possible to obtain three different decorated ice cream portions (e.g. mango, strawberry, green apple).

Production in 1 hour in kg: 50
Production in 1 hour in liters: 85
Production in 1 hour in 75g portions: 660
Capacity tubs in liters: 18 + 18
Flavors: 6 incl. Strips
Electrical supply: 4 kW – 400 V
Dimensions in mm approx WxDxH: 604x834x1770
Net weight in kg: 300

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