Soft ice cream and frozen yogurt Frigomat Kiss 3 P W As New

Soft ice cream and frozen yogurt Frigomat Kiss 3 P W As New


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The top of the range Frigomat soft ice cream and frozen yogurt machine from Italy in mint overall condition has been specifically designed for built-in use, this allows the operator to operate the machine from the rear, thanks to devices that facilitate the operation, thanks to the placement of the controls on the back. This latter aspect also allows self-service operation, preventing the consumer from intervening in the operation of the machine.

Features and functions

  • Two Varieties Plus Mixed
  • Threshold pumps stainless steel for air surcharge up to 80%.
  • Tub agitators for a creamy product result
  • Electronic controls with push buttons at the back
  • Separately controllable freezing cylinders for the production of different mix types
  • Automatic freezing cycle for soft ice cream and frozen yogurt with adjustable ice cream consistency.
  • Automatic freezing cycle for sorbet, semifreddo, mousse and fruit ice cream with natural ingredients and adjustable ice cream consistency (patented).
  • Automatic preservation of the product in the tank with energy saving and preservation temperature selection.
  • Display with pool temperature indicator.
  • Double warning of the reserve quantity of product in the basin with automatic blocking of dispensing when the minimum quantity is reached.
  • Indicator light on both the front and rear panels for better monitoring of the mixing level in the basin.

Advantages and strengths

  • Gear pump for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Large cooling cylinder to grant peak performance.
  • Excellent performance with a very large production up to 40 Kg/hour.
  • Preservation basin with large capacity.
  • Tub agitators in the containers for a creamy product.
  • Container lid without hinges for perfect accessibility of the operator even from the back of the machine.
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to the total autonomy of the preservation tanks and the independent consistency control which allows the pairing of flavors with different characteristics and with different dispensing quantities/frequencies.
  • Possibility to park one half of the machine during low season sales or also for routine cleaning and/or taste change, keeping the second half in function.
  • Single-block plastic agitator.
  • Stainless steel dispensing tap with magnetic sensor.
  • Automatic return of the lever after delivery of the product
  • Possibility of setting the counter.
  • The new CTS system (patent pending) is a true electronic assistant, which prevents malfunctions caused by incorrect operation of the machine by the operator.

Technical data:

Tank capacity (kg / cycle) 2×12
Servings per hour (75g) 533
Hourly output (Kg) 40
Voltage 400V / 4 kW
Frequency 50 Hz
Weight 227 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) 500 x 670 + 100 x 1440 mm

Für alle von uns angebotenen Gebrauchtmaschinen gilt:

  • Überholt mit Austausch schadhafter Komponenten gegen Originalersatzteile
  • Technische Teile demontiert, innen und außen gereinigt
  • Austausch von schadhaften Verschleißteilen und Montage von originalen Ersatzteilen in unserem Werkstattbereich
  • Aktualisierung laut EG Verordnung 1005/2009 der Kälteanlage bei verbotenen Kältemitteln wie z.B R-502 und R22
  • Satinierung und Aufarbeitung der Edelstahlflächen mit CNC Keramikschleiftechnik
  • Mehrfache Probeläufe unter Werkstattprotokollierung des jeweiligen Facharbeiters
  • Auslieferung erfolgt mit Garbilupe und Betriebsanleitung des jeweiligen Herstellers

Auf Wunsch Aufstellung und Installation möglich.


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