Frigomat Kiss 1 MUU soft ice cream machine

Frigomat Kiss 1 MUU soft ice cream machine


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Features and functions

  • Threshold pump stainless steel for air impact up to 80% with our MUU Softeismiy from Denmark.
  • Tub agitator for a creamy product result
  • Electronic control
  • Automatic freezing cycle for soft ice cream with adjustable ice cream consistency.
  • Automatic freezing cycle for sorbet, semifreddo, mousse and fruit ice cream with natural ingredients and adjustable ice cream consistency (patented).
  • Automatic preservation of the product in the tank with energy saving and preservation temperature selection.
  • Display with pool temperature indicator.
  • Double warning of the reserve quantity of product in the basin with automatic blocking of dispensing when the minimum quantity is reached.
  • Indicator lamp for better monitoring of the mixing level in the basin.

Advantages and strengths

  • Gear pump for up to 80% air impact with our MUU soft ice cream from Denmark
  • Large cooling cylinder to grant peak performance.
  • Excellent performance with a very large production up to 40 Kg/hour.
  • Preservation basin with large capacity.
  • Tub agitators in the containers for a creamy product.
  • Container lid without hinges for perfect accessibility of the operator even from the back of the machine.
  • Single-block plastic agitator.
  • Possibility of setting the counter.
  • The new CTS system (patent pending) is a true electronic assistant, which prevents malfunctions caused by incorrect operation of the machine by the operator.

Technical data:

Content container 1×10 liters
Servings per hour (75g) 280
Voltage 400V / 2,1 kW
Frequency 50 Hz
Weight 117 kg
Dimensions 50 x 83 x H 99

The following applies to all used machines offered by us:

  • Overhauled with replacement of defective components with original spare parts
  • Technical parts dismantled, cleaned inside and out
  • Replacement of defective wearing parts and installation of original spare parts in our workshop area
  • Updating the refrigeration system in accordance with EC Regulation 1005/2009 for banned refrigerants such as R-502 and R22
  • Satin finishing and reconditioning of stainless steel surfaces with CNC ceramic grinding technology
  • Multiple test runs with workshop logging by the respective skilled worker
  • Supplied with cooking magnifier and operating instructions from the respective manufacturer

Assembly and installation possible on request.


1 year warranty from the date of delivery

Right of exchange

14 days exchange right from delivery date

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