Icetech cream stove Crema Mix 35 Made in Italy

Icetech cream stove Crema Mix 35 Made in Italy


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The latest product of ICETECH company is CREMA MIX, a multifunctional device for the preparation of creams with WATER BATH with glycol. With a maximum preparation temperature of 140°C, this appliance can meet the needs of even the most demanding pastry chefs.The revolutionary TOUCHSCREEN is able to store up to 20 automatic recipes: 17 preset recipes that can be modified and 3 personalized ones. Each recipe is composed of 12 steps and for each can be adjusted:

  • The speed of the agitator/scraper.
  • The temperature to be reached in the heating and cooling phases, as well as during preservation and storage.
  • The level of heating or cooling for a preparation HARD, MEDIUM or SOFT. It is possible to set an acoustic signal indicating the end of each step. The TOUCHSCREEN is simple in its operation, thus favoring an elastic programming, which allows to perfectly realize any recipe. The generous product output, an ergonomic control and the simplicity of the cleaning and sterilization phases make CREMA MIX unique among the devices for the production of creams and, as of today, the most technologically advanced machine on the market.


  • Heating and cooling system with water bath with glycol.
  • Temperature control via a computer with TOUCHSCREEN.
  • Control and adjustment of 10 different speed levels of the agitator via an INVERTER system.
  • Low water and electricity consumption.
  • Special agitator that allows optimal mixing of both liquid and thick recipes. Consisting of food grade material, the device can be disassembled into its individual parts and cleaned.
Power min. 15 l
max. 35 l
Current consumption 6,5 kW
Electrical properties 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Ph
Compaction Water
Cooling gas R 404 A
Size 620 x 745 x 980 mm
Weight 180 kg


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