Pasteurizer Bravo Pastmatic 60 Made in Italy

Pasteurizer Bravo Pastmatic 60 Made in Italy


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Pasteurization, cooling and maturing in a single machine. The Bravo Pastronic 60 has an oval pasteurizing tank with a central agitator that draws in and compresses the mixture evenly thanks to the special tank shape. This makes the combination of ingredients more homogeneous and accelerates the heat exchange. The pasteurization cycle is controlled by the unique Thermotronic system to minimize energy consumption.

Technical data :

Filling capacity up to 60 liters

W 40 x D x 102 x H 119 cm

4.5 KW

380-400 Volt

151 kg

The following applies to all used machines offered by us:

  • Overhauled with replacement of defective components with original spare parts
  • Technical parts dismantled, cleaned inside and out
  • Replacement of defective wearing parts and installation of original spare parts in our workshop area
  • Updating the refrigeration system in accordance with EC Regulation 1005/2009 for banned refrigerants such as R-502 and R22
  • Satin finishing and reconditioning of stainless steel surfaces with CNC ceramic grinding technology
  • Multiple test runs with workshop logging by the respective skilled worker
  • Supplied with cooking magnifier and operating instructions from the respective manufacturer

Assembly and installation possible on request.


1 year warranty from the date of delivery

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14 days exchange right from delivery date

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