Carpigiani pasteurizer Pastomaster RTX 60

Carpigiani pasteurizer Pastomaster RTX 60

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The third generation of Carpigaini pasteurizers for ice cream mixes.The performances of the previous Pastomaster have been further developed to provide artisan ice cream makers with an even more flexible working tool for all their productive needs.Carpigiani’s RTX 60 processes, homogenizes, pasteurizes, ripens and conveys the ice cream mixes to other machines, registering all the processing operations. HEATING and COOLING are carried out through the drying system to prevent incrustations and loss of power, ensuring perfect pasteurization every time. The RTX Pastomaster has 5 speeds for mixing all types of mixes.ELECTRONICS manages and records the operations with direct control through the display and the data can be optionally sent to the computer or appropriateprinter. The RTX series enables technical diagnostics at a distance.

This professional pasteurizer is widely used in medium and large artisan ice cream parlors because it works effectively with any type of mix and is very flexible in production. Refrigerated dispensing tap for maximumhygiene and replacement pump for shallow homogenization. Today, this pasteurizer is equipped with 16 programs to produce other important artisan specialties besides ice cream mixing.

Model Tub capacity Production in 2 hours electr. Supply Capacitor Dimensions in mm W*D*H
Pastomaster 60 RX min. Liter max. Liter 60 kg 220V or 380V / 3,3 kW Water 350*860*1030
15 60

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  • Technische Teile demontiert, innen und außen gereinigt
  • Austausch von schadhaften Verschleißteilen und Montage von originalen Ersatzteilen in unserem Werkstattbereich
  • Aktualisierung laut EG Verordnung 1005/2009 der Kälteanlage bei verbotenen Kältemitteln wie z.B R-502 und R22
  • Satinierung und Aufarbeitung der Edelstahlflächen mit CNC Keramikschleiftechnik
  • Mehrfache Probeläufe unter Werkstattprotokollierung des jeweiligen Facharbeiters
  • Auslieferung erfolgt mit Garbilupe und Betriebsanleitung des jeweiligen Herstellers

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