Buccini Sintesi 12 Made in Italy ice cream display case

Buccini Sintesi 12 Made in Italy ice cream display case


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Buccini Sintesi 12 Made in Italy ice cream display case with internal plug-in convection cooling, interior lighting and automatic defrosting.

The advantages

inside inclined tray made of CNS 1.4301

Tempered safety glass lifting disc

Bright product illumination under the 233 mm deep energy-saving insulation, 60 mm

automatic timed defrosting by means of hot gas in a very short time (5 – 6 min)

IP2X, protected against solid foreign bodies with diameter from 12.5 mm

Can be issued with 5, 7, 10 or 12 l tray configuration, depending on placement plan

15° customer sloped exhibition tray made of CNS 1.4301

Front substructure with extra powerful cooling unit

Performance features ca

Capacity 12 x 5.0 l ice tray or

12 x 6,5 l ice tray or

8 x 5.0 l flat ice tray or

8 x 10,5 l ice tray

Energy consumption 15.4 kWh / 24h

Cooling Convection cooling

Cooling capacity 557 W / VT -40°C

Temperature range -16 to -14°C

Max. Ambient temperature +35°C

max. Room humidity 75 %

Climate class 7 (+35°C UT and 75% RH)

Refrigerant R 404A

Gross weight 280.00 kg

Gross capacity 630 l

Net capacity 118 l

External dimensions approx. W 1150 x D 1070 x H 1370 mm

Connected loads 230 V / 1750 W

The following applies to all used machines offered by us:

  • Overhauled with replacement of defective components with original spare parts
  • Technical parts dismantled, cleaned inside and out
  • Replacement of defective wearing parts and installation of original spare parts in our workshop area
  • Updating the refrigeration system in accordance with EC Regulation 1005/2009 for banned refrigerants such as R-502 and R22
  • Satin finishing and reconditioning of stainless steel surfaces with CNC ceramic grinding technology
  • Multiple test runs with workshop logging by the respective skilled worker
  • Supplied with cooking magnifier and operating instructions from the respective manufacturer

Assembly and installation possible on request.


1 year warranty from the date of delivery

Right of exchange

14 days exchange right from delivery date

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