453 INOX

453 INOX

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453 INOX is the new worktop machine for soft ice cream and frozen yogurt.

The first from Iceteam 1927 to use the environmentally friendly refrigerant R290 in full compliance with environmental regulations.

453 Inox duplicates all its components to ensure complete independence in flavor production:

  1. Two peristaltic pumps, highly efficient with a high volume increase, are easy to install and reduce consumption;
  2. Two agitator motors that ensure independent management of the mixture extraction;
  3. Dual compressors that handle both cylinders to prevent ice formation;
  4. Two independent tanks , each with a capacity of 8 liters.


  • Two completely independent systems
  • R290 Cooling
  • New geared motor
  • New electronic system
  • Touch control panel
  • New cup holder


  • Gelato delivery
  • Ice cream parlors
  • Bars
  • Cafés




453 INOX
Hourly production kg 45
Flavors 2+1
Installed power supply kW 4,2
Power supply Hz 400/3/50
Dimensions W x H x H cm 51.4 x 97 x 95.6


3 years warranty from the date of delivery


0% financing on all Telme models

Delivery included

Free delivery within Germany