TeknèItalia Ermes Trailer

TeknèItalia Ermes Trailer


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Gea is a low environmental impact, it is in fact an electric vehicle. Environmental protection without sacrificing high performance. 130 km autonomy, its motor is extremely quiet and requires less maintenance than DC motors.

The special battery guarantees a greater number of charges compared to commonly used technologies. Battery charger on board. Cost savings: less than 2 euros to fully charge the vehicle. Also 50% less cost for maintenance. This vehicle allows you to have high performances and up to 80 Kg of ice capacity at your service.

Technical data

Dimensions 142 x 300 x 105 cm
Capacity 40 kg
Cold autonomy 6/7 h


3 years warranty from the date of delivery


0% financing on all Telme models

Delivery included

Free delivery within Germany