TeknèItalia Procopio Smoothies

TeknèItalia Procopio Smoothies


Net plus VAT – Export Tax Free


In this model you have the opportunity to serve a soft ice cream, which is being prepared. If you already have a soft ice cream machine, it can be installed. The soft ice cream cart can be customized according to your needs. By default, it has wide surfaces that can be used during operation. You can also opt for additional coolers, displays, topping surfaces, cup and spoon holders, additional attachments for cash drawer, etc.

High quality materials
Every detail is made using the highest quality materials to ensure the best performance during the workday.

Luxury accessories
The selection of accessories is functionally tailored to your specific needs. The options are designed to support you in your work.

Simplify the workflow
It can be prepared so that fresh soft ice cream or frozen yogurt is immediately available on demand.

Improve your business opportunities
An always available ice cream parlor on wheels: ideal for events and catering.

Technical data

Dimensions 204x100x200 cm
Cold autonomy need to be plugged


3 years warranty from the date of delivery


0% financing on all Telme models

Delivery included

Free delivery within Germany