TeknèItalia Katerina P8

TeknèItalia Katerina P8


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A vintage style that meets all the needs of ice cream professionals, especially in the catering sector. It is completely made in Italy. It is a compact model and guarantees high performance. 5 hours of autonomy and up to 40 kg of storage. The shape and these features make it a unique model of its kind.

High quality materials
Every detail is made using the highest quality materials to ensure the best performance during the workday.

Stylish accessories
The selection of accessories is functionally tailored to your specific needs. The options are designed to support you in your work.

Unique design makes your events unforgettable
The original design began as an attention catalyst for your events.

High performance
Up to 5 hours of autonomy and up to 40 kg of ice cream, so the perfect vehicle for catering and events.

Technical data

Dimensions 99x127x100 cm
Empty weight approx. 260 kg
Capacity 40 kg
Cold autonomy 5 h


3 years warranty from the date of delivery


0% financing on all Telme models

Delivery included

Free delivery within Germany