TeknèItalia Don Carlo

TeknèItalia Don Carlo


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This model is handy, lightweight and – last but not least – it’s a bike. This vehicle allows you a high degree of mobility, as it will take your food cart anywhere, even in low-traffic areas such as pedestrian zones or modified street areas. His added kick, of course, is being in the service of environmental protection. In addition, pedal assistance allows you to move the vehicle at any moment with the bike.

A vintage style that meets all the needs of ice cream professionals. 5 hours guaranteed autonomy and up to 30 kg storage capacity. Don Carlo is the “newcomer” among our Green models and it offers the highest performance. These features make it a unique model of its kind.

Technical data

Dimensions 229x210x125 cm
Capacity 30 kg
Cold autonomy up to 5 h


3 years warranty from the date of delivery


0% financing on all Telme models

Delivery included

Free delivery within Germany