Carpigiani ice cream maker Labo 14 / 20 C

Carpigiani ice cream maker Labo 14 / 20 C

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You are buying here an ice cream machine Carpigiani Labo 14/20 C in a refurbished and first class condition. The Carpigiani Labo 14/20 turns the Bediner all mixes into ice.

  1. Pour a good mix into the machine and turn the switch: this starts the automatic cycle for ice production.
  2. Once the correct consistency has been reached, an acoustic signal indicates that the ice can be removed.
  3. Open the front shutter and turn the switch; the ice comes out quickly and completely.

The agitator cylinder of the Carpigiani LABO 14/20 C achieves a high cooling capacity because it has a large diameter and direct cold transmission. Whatever mix you use ,with the patented control system H.O.M. (HARD-O-MATIC) the ice cream is always fully processed and has the right consistency. Wide FILLING TRAY for easier filling of the mix into the machine. Switches for immediate reading of the production, unloading, washing and stop operations. Electronic TIMER to be able to follow the end of the processing time also from a distance. Wide EXTRACTION of the ice to facilitate the quick and complete emptying of the cylinder. FRONT LOCK, heat insulating, with opening according to the accident prevention standards, blocking eccentric and quick opening; hinge for an easy dismantling PIPE with wipers in polymer to easily work any mix. Two working speeds: low for stirring, high for removal. STAINLESS STEEL CONSOLE for ice tray storage, adjustable in height, rubber storage surface. OUTPUT HOUSE for direct filling of the washing water into the cylinder Electrical SYSTEM, cooling system and soundproofing according to international standards. HOUSING made of resistant stainless steel. WHEELS for easy movement of the machine.

The maximum filling quantity is up to 4.5 liters per batch.

The electrical supply is 380 volts.

The following applies to all used machines offered by us:

  • Overhauled with replacement of defective components with original spare parts
  • Technical parts dismantled, cleaned inside and out
  • Replacement of defective wearing parts and installation of original spare parts in our workshop area
  • Updating the refrigeration system in accordance with EC Regulation 1005/2009 for banned refrigerants such as R-502 and R22
  • Satin finishing and reconditioning of stainless steel surfaces with CNC ceramic grinding technology
  • Multiple test runs with workshop logging by the respective skilled worker
  • Supplied with cooking magnifier and operating instructions from the respective manufacturer

Assembly and installation possible on request.


1 year warranty from the date of delivery

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