ISA Isetta ice counter ice cream display case

ISA Isetta ice counter ice cream display case



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Plug-in ice showcase with static cooling; outer cladding made of white plasticized sheet steel; curved front pane made of safety glass; operating side with hinged, straight Plexiglas cover; interior lighting; thermostat; main switch and lighting switch; automatic defrosting, evaporator defrost water collection tray made of stainless steel DIN 1.4301; double row arrangement of ice trays possible; depth of tray 460 mm; extra high inner tray for ice trays up to 240 mm height or ice trays with a height of 120 mm in double layer; freezer storage compartment with door and rounded recessed grip (except model 4); 2 double castors, lockable; developed and tested for climate class 4+; model 12 R with two compressors; 60 mm thick polyurethane insulation, HFC and CFC free.

Wide Depth Height
outside 1184 800 1176
Gross content: 372 l
10 4,75 Ltr. Stainless steel ice tray (260 x 165 x 170 mm)
6+6 5,00 Ltr. Stainless steel ice tray (360 x 165 x 120 mm)
6 Substructure 4.75 ltr. Bowl
4+4 Substructure 5,00 Ltr. Bowl
Number of doors in the base: 1
Temp. range:
-14 to -16 °C
at 35 °C UT and 70 % RF
-18 °C
for under cabinet cooling
Climate class: 4+ (up to 35°C ambient temperature)
Refrigerant: R 404 a
Refrigerant charge: 400 g
Connected load:
810 W /230 V
Cooling capacity:
455 W /VT -38 °C
Energy consumption: 9.1 kWh according to EN 441/24 hrs.
Gross weight: 119 kg


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