Ice cream display case Ital Proget Sprint

Ice cream display case Ital Proget Sprint



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Style and reliability through decades of experience.

Italproget, born in the early 1980s from the enthusiasm and experience of four partners, is today one of the manufacturers of refrigerated display cases for ice cream and confectionery, as well as custom-made equipment for the catering industry. Design, research and quality are key words of the success of the company, which is now present and appreciated all over the world: Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, USA and Arab countries. Throughout the world, the company is the representative and bearer of “made in Italy”, understood as a value that gives higher prestige to the style, quality, design, uniqueness and sense of beauty of products made entirely in Italy. The entire production of Italproget is a significant example of this style, which is appreciated all over the world. The mission of the Italproget brand is to offer customers products and solutions of high quality in terms of technology, design and respect for the environment. The customer is at the center of the production process, to which the company dedicates special care and a punctual and conscientious customer service throughout the world.


Sprint 4+4 Sprint 6+6 Sprint 8+8 Sprint 10+10
Dimensions (LxWxH): 95x66x98 cm 95x66x98 cm 115x66x98 cm 141x66x98 cm
Temperature range: -5 / -18 °C -5 / -18 °C -5 / -18 °C -5 / -18 °C
Power 230V/1/50: 0,40 kW 0,57 kW 0,64 kW 0,83 kW
Climate class N° 4+ (32/60) 4+ (32/60) 4+ (32/60) 4+ (32/60)


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