Ice cream display case IFI Italy Screen Exellent 18

Ice cream display case IFI Italy Screen Exellent 18



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The world novelty in the sector of professional Italian ice cream display cases is called Sreen with the innovative view and impression of a screen on the ice cream.

Screen is equipped with a new automatic HCS shutter system (optional).
This makes it possible to store the ice in the display case at night, thus making the operator’s work much easier.
Ifi Screen is also available with night blind or variable plexi screens in the operator area.

Low compressor pressure and reduced defrosting phases result in significant energy savings with this Screen series.

  • Automatic RDR defrost
  • Recirculating air cooling / ready to plug in (optional external possible)
  • Electronic digital operator display
  • Continuous front window as a self-supporting glass bell
  • Aggregate internally installed
  • Up to -20 °C
  • LED lighting
  • Presentation of up to 18 batches á 5 liters
  • Total width 1625 mm


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