Ice cream display case IFI Italy Cubika 1100 Highglass

Ice cream display case IFI Italy Cubika 1100 Highglass



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Cubika ice cream counter presents itself with aggressive and attractive design in Italian perfection, transparent surfaces and large display is available in 4 linear and 3 corner modules, in two different heights, h 1151 mm and h 1351 mm.

Defrosting is cycle inversion or warm gas defrosting and the condenser unit can be installed internally or externally.

The glass bell is made of aluminum with glossy effect; the side parts made of tempered heat protection glass are heated and illuminated with LEDs. The upper glass, in the h 1151 mm version, is a tempered and heated laminated glass and opens with a translational movement towards the operator to allow convenient cleaning, while the frontal thermal protection glass is a fixed, heated and tempered glass.
The frontal thermal protection glass, in the h 1351 mm version, is tempered and heated and opens upwards by means of a piston.

Cubika was tested in a climatic chamber at +35C° room temperature and 60% relative humidity and can be combined with the equipment elements of the Cubika line.

The tub consists of a foamed whole with injected polyurethane density 40 kg/m3.

Other features:

  • Aluminum profiles
  • Electronic thermostat with temperature display and repeater on the customer side
  • Heated, tempered, pyrolytic side and front heat protection glasses
  • 2 different heights 1151 mm and 1351 mm available
  • In the version h 1351 mm opening of the front window to the top
  • Exhibition area inclined by 9
  • Ice cream signs with illuminated LEDs (optional)
  • Recirculating air cooling with double evaporator
  • Defrosting by means of hot gas or cycle inversion
  • Tropical version as option: external condenser unit, tests carried out with +43C° room temperature
  • Optionally available: wheels, portioning sink and display area for cakes
  • EC certified for Europe
  • Tests carried out in climatic class 35C° and 60% rel. humidity. Humidity
  • Module with differentiated temperature optionally available
  • can be combined with all other variants of the Cubika line

Technical data:

  • Number of egg shells: 12 á 5 liters
  • Connected load: 400V/3Ph/50Hz
  • Power input: 1200 W
  • Weight: 220 Kg
  • Dimensions ca(WxDxH): 1100x1190x1151 mm

This showcase series is also available in other sizes and designs.


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