Ice cream display case IFI Italy Speciale 1600 Exellent

Ice cream display case IFI Italy Speciale 1600 Exellent



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Innnovative Italian handcrafted design and high cooling performance characterize the IFI Speciale series. Wide display capacity, defrosting by hot gas or cycle inversion are the main technical features of this showcase. The whole tray is foamed, with injected polyurethane density 40 kg/m3, the display surface is inclined at 9°, the front panels are hardened. Class can accommodate 360 x 165 or 360 x 250 ice trays. It consists of an electronic thermostat with temperature visualization on the customer side.

Other features:

  • Aluminum glass structure
  • Electronic thermostat with temperature display and repeater on the customer side
  • hardened front window with opening upwards
  • Side windows: Heat protection glass, tempered, heated and pyrolytic
  • Exhibition area inclined by 9
  • Easy access to the tub
  • Defrosting by means of hot gas or by means of cycle inversion (as option)
  • Tropical version as option: external condenser unit, tests carried out with +43°C room temperature
  • CE certified for Europe
  • Optionally available: wheels, portioning sink and display area for cakes
  • Tests carried out in climate class 35°C and 60% rel. Humidity
  • Module for 2 temperature zones (as option)
  • Can be combined with all other variants of the Speciale line

Technical data:

  • Number of egg shells: 9+9 (360 mm x 165 mm)
  • Connected load: 400V/3Ph/50Hz
  • Power input: 1200 W
  • Weight: 350 Kg
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 1600x990x1131 mm

This series of showcases is also available in many other sizes and designs.


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