Soft ice cream machine Cream Tronic S 350 PSM TWIN

Soft ice cream machine Cream Tronic S 350 PSM TWIN


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The Cream Tronic has two first-class microprocessors. The technology makes it possible to process different mixes through completely separate controls. This is essential especially when selling soft ice cream and frozen in one machine. Furthermore, the Twin series is able to provide the operator with the highest possible production quantities of soft ice cream or frozen yogurt mixed with two flavors plus one.

The design characteristic of Cream Tronic is the high-quality stainless steel processing in combination with selected technical elements.

The benefits:

  • Swell pump system with an air surcharge of up to 80% of the product
  • Tub mixer for maturation and a more voluminous product result
  • Insulating front closure with piston for a complete ejection of the product
  • Agitator for large volume increase
  • Mix Stand Indicator for Minimal Mix Stand
  • Digital portion display for removal control
  • Thermometer for displaying the mix temperature
  • Mix Stand Indicator for Minimal Mix Stand
  • Easy cleaning of all components and suitable for the dishwasher


Cream Tronic machines for excellent creamy product results. They always produce fresh. The Cream Tronic with three dispensing taps stands out for its high production output, extremely easy operation, maximum simplicity in maintenance and for its excellent price/performance ratio.

Technical data approx:

Performance: 400 servings of 75 grams
Dimensions: 553x654x1474 mm
Connection: 400 Volt / 50 Hz
Volume: 2 x 12 liters tub capacity
Weight: 235 kg


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