BOVO Leonardo 15R Deluxe

BOVO Leonardo 15R Deluxe


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The Leonardo series is the most versatile ice cream maker available. Leonardo is available in 3 versions: Basic, Plus and Deluxe.

Thanks to the additional stove, Leonardo Plus transforms into Leonardo Deluxe, becoming a reliable work companion for making ice cream, pastry creams, jams and sauces.

Ice cream maker and stove work in symbiosis but, if necessary, both can be used independently as needed.

The ice cream machine is equipped with an easy-to-use interface thanks to its display programmed in five languages, which facilitates the selection of processing and leaves you time for other activities in your laboratory.

With 14 personalizable recipes for the stove, Leonardo Deluxe automatically regulates the heating power to obtain a perfect mixture.

Among the programs you will find “Gelato Top”: Your mixture is stirred at high speed and cooled from a temperature of +4° down to -4°, the range in which the mixing volume increases and the highest overrun is obtained. Leonardo is equipped with other programs all to be discovered.

Hourly production 50 – 115 l
Emulsifying capacity Min.-Max. Mixing quantity 4 – 12
Cooling Water / Air
Cooling gas R507
Electrical connection 400 V / 50 Hz / 3
Nominal power 15 kW
Dimensions LxWxH 630x895x1450 mm
Net weight 370 kg


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