Frozen Yogurt - der Erfolgstrend

The beginning of the 70´s in the USA marked the beginning of the Frozen Yoghurt success story. Delicious and light, Frozen Yoghurt quickly became popular as an alternative to classical ice cream. The addition of toppings, nuts and other trendy specialities to the cool and fresh frozen yoghurt made for an unqualifiedly successful taste experience for consumers.

Since 2011, Frozen Yoghurt is quickly becoming a European trend-setter. Alreay many Frozen Yoghurt Shops have opened.

Frisani has a big range of Frozen Yogurt Maschines on offer. Naturally we also have professionally checked and prepared second hand machines available. With our Frozen Yogurt Concept, specially tailored to your needs, we can lead you, with the right equipment and a professional, high quality machine, to success.

Frozen Calculation

Shop concept

Convince yourself of Frozen Yogurt's profit margin using a sample calculation. We plan and realize your complete Frozen Shop. Take a look at some examples here.