Icetech Frozen Yogurt Euro 3P Made in Italy - Frisani

Icetech Frozen Yogurt Euro 3P Made in Italy
Icetech Softeismaschine Euro 3P Made in Italy


The newest models from ICETECH are the ultramodern FROZEN YOGURT MASCHINES.

Produced in two versions, you have the choice between the counter top model with 1 to 3 flavour options, with or without pumps, or the free standing floor version, with three flavour options, also with or without pumps.

The Frozen Yoghurt machines from ICETECH are controlled by means of a modern control panel, which allow the user constant oversight of the ice consistency, by means of the display, on which the consistency and storage temperature is shown.

The Frozen Yogurt Machine from ICETECH is manufactured with a view to enabling the user to produce a really smooth ice cream with optimal consistency, and allowing the user to freely program their desired consistency.

The plus points of the Frozen Yogurt Machine from ICETECH are:

  • Electronic control of the ice cream consistency.
  • Electronic control of the storage temperature.
  • Large storage vats (18 litres).
  • Displays the basic fill levels in the tanks.
  • Provision of seepage vents in the production cylinder.
  • Innovative mixing system consisting of stainless steel mixers and contra mixers, with exchangeable lamella blades.
  • Version with warm air for high productivity.
  • Version with warm air for high productivity and high cooling efficiency for high ice cream production..
  • Ergonomic design.
Hourly Production (75g Portion) 590
Capacity of upper tank 18+18 l
Electrical Qualities 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Ph
Compression Water (surcharge) / Air
Pump Yes
Dimensions 535 x 680 x 1435 mm
Weight 210 kg

Upon request assembly and installation possible.

EUR 22.500,00 net excl. VAT (Free delivery incl. a 3 year warranty.)