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Soft Ice Cream Machine Carpigiani SUPER TRE/BP PLUS
Softeismaschine Carpigiani SUPER TRE/BP PLUS Carpigiani SUPER Tre / Bp Plus soft ice cream machine in premium condition with only a low amount of operation hours so far in total.

The Carpigiani SUPER Tre / Bp Plus with the most innovative electronic system for superior hygiene and ice cream quality.

The ergonomically well-located buttons of the Carpigiani SUPER Tre / Bp Plus soft ice cream machine make it possible to comfortably select and control all functions of the machine such as:

Automatic cleaning procedure. Available at the push of a button. The machine is filled with hot water, which dissolves fast and other residues and in turn significantly simplifies the later manual cleaning.

Electronic control of the ice cream consistency for the Tre / Bp Plus Carpigiani. The Hard-O-Tronic control system optimizes the production process through a permanent self-diagnosis and thereby guarantees always a perfect ice cream. Moreover, it is possible to modify the ice cream consistency by pressing the “program” button. A counter displays the number of dispensed ice cream portions.

Die Carpigiani Tre / Bp Plus soft ice cream machine possesses all the advantages arising from the superior CARPIGIANI technology, which have formed the foundation of the worldwide success of the CARPIGIANI fresh ice cream machines:
  • Gear-pump with a regulating pipe for volume increase
  • Insulated front shutter with a piston for a complete ejection of the product
  • Agitators for maximum volume increase
  • Separate cooling for freezing cylinder and mix tub
  • Mix indicator for displaying a “low mix” alarm
  • Thermometer for displaying the mix temperature
  • Lockable dispensing levers to avoid unauthorized dispensing
  • Lockable casters for a secure positioning of the machine
Technical Specifications:
2 x 18 liters tub capacity
380 Volt / 50 Hz
Hourly production of approx. 530 portions
255 kg
Dimensions 560x710x1480

For all used machines offered by us the following applies:

  • Overhauled, defect parts were replaced with original spare parts
  • Technical components disassembled, cleaned on the inside and outside
  • Exchange of defect wear and tear components and installation of original spare parts in our workshop
  • Update according to EC regulation. 1005/2009 of the refrigeration system with prohibited refrigerants such as R-502 and R22
  • Satin finish and reconditioning of the stainless steel surfaces with CNC ceramic grinding technology
  • Several test runs in our workshop documented by the respective skilled worker
  • Delivery with Garbilupe and Operating Manual of the corresponding manufacturer

Upon request assembly and installation possible.

14 days exchange right
EUR 11.730,00 net excl. VAT (Free delivery incl. a 1 year warranty.)