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Soft Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Machine Carpigiani Rainbow 3, as new
Softeis und Frozen Yogurt Maschine Carpigiani Rainbow 3

Carpigiani Rainbow 3 Soft Ice Cream Machine is in an excellent overall condition. Even though this machine was produced a few years ago, it has only been used for demonstration purposes. In our overhaul of the machine, apart from the replacement of expendable parts, no other work was necessary.

The originally DECORATED Soft Ice Cream from the Carpiaginia Rainbow 3 has been met with swift approval, even from the usual consumers of traditional ice cream, in the two classic flavours as well as the mixtures on offer. This soft ice cream enjoys great popularity, when a palette of different flavours is offered. The Rainbow 3 is technically designed Stand Soft Ice Cream Machine, developed by Carpigiani to produce ice cream with a single flavour, as well as three flavours, as well as the fun, decorated ice cream favoured by the younger consumers. The upper section of the machine contains two conservation tanks for the mixture; the middle section houses two horizontal cylinders from which the dispensing valves portion the ice cream. The machine is equipped with three levers, which control the dispensing taps which have a star shaped dispensing valve, creating the characteristic winding form of the ice cream. When the lever on the left hand side is depressed, the corresponding dispending tap dispenses classical soft ice cream with the flavour produced by the mix in the left hand upper vat (for instance chocolate). When the right hand lever is depressed, ice cream with the flavour from right hand upper tank is dispensed (e.g. vanilla). When the middle lever is depressed, a wonderful ice cream cone with two flavours is dispensed (e.g. vanilla and chocolate). To produce a wonderfully decorated ice cream (e.g. strawberry), simply press the appropriate button on the control panel and depress the lever – in just seconds the produced ice cream is decorated with one of three coloured concentrates, with fruit or cream flavouring, contained in three tanks situated in the lower part of the machine. Thus it is possible to obtain three differently decorated portions of ice cream (e.g. mango, strawberry, green apple)

Hourly production in kg: 50
Hourly production in Litres: 85
Hourly production in portions of 75g: 660
Vat capacity in litres: 18 + 18
Flavours: 6 incl. concentrates
Electrical supply: 4 kW - 400 V
Dimensions in mm approx. WxDxH: 604x834x1770
Net weight in kg: 300

For all used machines offered by us the following applies:

  • Overhauled, defect parts were replaced with original spare parts
  • Technical components disassembled, cleaned on the inside and outside
  • Exchange of defect wear and tear components and installation of original spare parts in our workshop
  • Update according to EC regulation. 1005/2009 of the refrigeration system with prohibited refrigerants such as R-502 and R22
  • Satin finish and reconditioning of the stainless steel surfaces with CNC ceramic grinding technology
  • Several test runs in our workshop documented by the respective skilled worker
  • Delivery with Garbilupe and Operating Manual of the corresponding manufacturer

Upon request assembly and installation possible.

14 days exchange right
EUR 15.840,00 net excl. VAT (Free delivery incl. a 1 year warranty.)